How are we different?

mediyogaskjorta-kvadratMore and more people are starting to wonder if they can overcome a sense of feeling they could perhaps feel better than they actually do. This line of thinking has also persuaded many care sector professionals to start looking for holistic tools to help their patients.


Both care professionals and patients want more than simply dispensing or taking medication to treat symptoms, they want a holistic approach that looks at the whole person.


This is where MediYoga, a therapeutic form of yoga, comes into the picture.


As MediYoga practitioners, we have achieved remarkable success in combining age-old holistic tools with modern medicine. Orthodox medicine is superb at emergency care while yoga is a complete philosophical system that supports our own healing process. Many of our instructors and therapists are healthcare professionals who now use MediYoga as a complementary tool in their everyday work.


For example, if you have high blood pressure, orthodox medicine can quickly provide medication that lowers blood pressure to address the immediate situation. By taking up yoga, the patient can address the underlying cause of the high blood pressure and in so doing improve their health.

It is quite possible that in years to come, doing a yogic breathing sequence will become as common as taking a tablet for a headache.