Stress & Burn Out – First Aid Kit

An amazingly popular course since 2007.
A 2-day yoga course like no other!

No experience required. Everyone who would like to learn more about stress and burn out, both for your own sake or to help others, is welcome.

You could be a beginner who has never tried yoga before or an experienced yogi who would like to learn more.



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This weekend is aimed to you who wish to learn more about stress and burn out and how they affect us and how to regain your power, energy and sense of well being again.


2-days for you who suffers from burn out, anxiety and/or stress, where you acquire excellent tools to deal with your own burn out or anxiety. This is a course for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of stress, burn out and fatigue and the tools to support and help people with these symptoms.

A great mix of theory and practice.


A course where you acquire specific tools, tips and advice, yoga exercises and meditations to tackle an illness that has so many different faces.


We will address:

• What is stress? What is burn out? What is happening to our body – actually?
• Sleep disorders – why can we not sleep properly even when we are very tired?
• The Chakra system – where in the body is stress located and why?
• Endocrine glands – the role of adrenalin
• Serotonin – what is this? What is happening in our brain and how do SSRIs work?
• Diet and nutrition – how do they affect burn out?
• The power of thought – You are what you think you are.
• Proposals for structures and support tools if you wish to organise your own course of Stress & Burn Out – First Aid Kit.


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Materials included in the course:

  • Manual Stress & Burn Out Level 1 – First Aid Kit


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