MediYoga Instructor


“There is both a thousand-years old experience from the Eastern countries as well as evidence from modern research that yoga has profound effects on physical and psychical health and wellbeing. Due to my opinion, yoga practices should be integrated in the traditional western medicine, e.g. in prevention and treatment of stress-related conditions, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric diseases etc.

The efficacy and safety profile of the different yoga techniques may differ. Among other yoga-schools, I greatly appreciate the approach of Mediyoga. Although the Mediyoga exercises are effective, they are simple and safe, and therefore suitable for a wide range of patients. It is praiseworthy that Mediyoga concentrate on medical research, with aim to optimize treatment of different diseases by yoga.

Due to my the scientific results as well as my own experiences and experiences of my patients, I will integrate Mediyoga into my medical practice.”

Ivana Hollan, MD, PhD




“I have just completed the instructor course. The course material was good.  It has been a rewarding course for me as a person. I have learnt a great deal about myself and how other people perceive yoga and other relevant subjects that we discussed by sharing experiences, so-called sharing. It has given me a good foundation from which to instruct in yoga in future, something I am keen to do. On a scale of 1-10 I would give this course a 10, really. By way of comparison, I have taken various courses at different levels, upper secondary school, college and university, but when I come home and talk to my nearest and dearest, I can say that this course is the one I have been most satisfied with and proud of.”

Anneli Nordkvist, Nurse




“I am incredibly pleased with this course. I have started a research project with MediYoga for heart attack patients where I work together with my MediYoga teacher and am going to start other research in the future with yoga for the heart.”

Maria, Nurse, cardiac intensive care unit




“I have taken the MediYoga instructor course and my overall impression of it was good.  The course has been incredibly useful for me personally. 
It really opened my eyes to yoga for me personally in a totally different way than before. In purely professional terms I have also been able to use yoga and am hoping to get group sessions going soon. My score, on a scale of 0-10 would be 10, top marks.”

Beate Hyttinen Lindgren, Counsellor




“MediYoga feels very much “my kind of yoga”. I hope I can be of help in spreading the word further. The course was a good start to my personal development and a good tool to use with my clients. On a scale of 0-10 I would give this course an 8.”

Dr Holger Seidel, Paediatrician.




“I recently completed the instructor course in MediYoga at my place of work and have the following thoughts: The course is well structured in general with a comprehensive set of exercises and feedback and the chance to ask questions. The opportunity to practise on each other during the course is also a positive element. The course material is educationally well structured, and easy to absorb. There are two separate answers as to how useful the course is for me personally and how useful it will be for my patients. Speaking for myself, it has helped me find a calmness that I have never experienced before and it has also gradually started to change the way I feel about previous experiences and traumas. Of finding my true SELF. I was under a great deal of stress at work while I was doing the course and yoga was a tremendous help in this respect. I am convinced that but for my yoga during this period, I would have been signed off sick. When it comes to how useful it is with my patients, I am already seeing what effect it is having on patients who are now practising yoga on a regular basis. Less stress and better able to deal with the situation they find themselves in, in general. My rating on a scale of 0-10 cannot be less than 10. Thank you once again for a great course.”

Håkan Eriksson, Counsellor: Thorax, Urology, Surgery, Neuro and Ear, Nose and Throat.




“I think the whole course is very good. This is a successful concept and should help in persuading acceptance for yoga in our narrow minded, medically oriented healthcare system. “Everyone” talks about evidence in healthcare today, adopting an evidence-based approach is a genuine buzz term. It is fantastic to see the continuous research that is being done into MediYoga – and what fine results, as well. The course content feels consistent. Good material.  Thank you. I would give this course a score of 8 out of a possible 10.”

Lena Öberg, Paediatric Nurse




“I feel the course in MediYoga has given me a great deal, both in terms of helping me to feel more confident in teaching it and also in that I have learnt an incredible amount personally which means I feel more self-confident, more present. I now find it easier to set boundaries and am curious to learn more. There has been a huge upward mood swing in my yoga classes within primary healthcare, many chronic pain patients that have genuinely been helped. They are coping with their anxiety better, feel happier inside and more satisfied with themselves. Even though the pain is still there, they have gained tools to manage their pain level and bring it down a notch etc. Thank you for a fantastic course that engages both brain and heart and has persuaded me to do more yoga on an everyday basis. I have given it 10 stars, naturally.”

Camilla Tell, Chartered Physiotherapist




“Thank you for a fantastic and rewarding course. I was already a yoga convert who practised yoga every day. Having said that, I think the course has given me deeper feelings and increased awareness. And, as we know, doing yoga together is even more powerful and a way of sharing experiences with each other. The material has been good and adequate for this kind of basic level course. I would give the course a clear 10, it lacked nothing.”

Katrin Gustavsson, Psychiatric Nurse




“My feedback from the instructor course: it is a good and interesting course. The course material is very good. Educational and simple. It was good to intersperse the course with our own practices, which enabled us to learn that the method works.

Overall, I am very, very satisfied. I feel the course has given, and will continue to give me tremendous benefits and pleasure, both for me personally and for others. The exercises are ingeniously simple, and yet beneficial to both body and soul. On a scale of 1-10, I would give this course a 9. I gaze at my diploma with pride, ready to continue working with both myself and others.”

Ulrika Knutsson, Physiotherapist




“The MediYoga course has given me an incredible amount. It is very well structured. Being held on weekends is perfect. For my part, I would ideally like to do yoga every day and at least 5-6 times a week. At the company where I work, I had two groups a week all through the spring. It is now autumn and I also run two groups with 7-9 employees in each group, which is much appreciated.”

Elin, Company Nurse




“Thank you for this course, it has been very positive for me. I am very satisfied with the material.  The best thing of all for me has been the breathing, which was a totally new experience for me. Wonderful.  Thank you very much for a very rewarding course.”

Ann, Nurse