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Teacher and yoga therapist education


A 3-term course that is a continuation of the instructor course. The course is designed for MediYoga instructors who wish to progress further and learn more about yoga and gain professional skills in yoga as a therapeutic tool and philosophical system.



A total of around 750 hours, including 210 hours of scheduled lesson time and 540 hours of theoretical home study, practical individual training and your own work with clients/groups.

The course is a mix of theory, training and practical work, as a group and directly with clients. Between meetings, you will be expected to work independently with your own therapy groups and clients chosen by yourself.

The course is about mastering the technical aspects of yoga and gaining an understanding of the deeper dimensions of what yoga is fundamentally about. That we as individuals are flowing quantum physics energy beings and what illness is, viewed from a yogic perspective.

The course is very largely about you, based on your own experiences of yoga as a tool, learning to help patients as a yoga therapist, and mixed classes as a yoga teacher.

As we have various guest lecturers, there is no set order of which themes are addressed each term, as this depends on when guest lecturers are available to provide their input.



10 days per term, three terms. Total of 30 full day training days structured as follows:

Term 1; 5+5

Term 2; 5+5

Term 3; 5+3+2

You will be required to do homework and submit this online each week between the course get-togethers.

One full day, 8 hours including breaks and lunch.


Content term 1:

Breathing – the basic mechanisms and how they affect our health.

The Chakra System – the core of MediYoga as a therapeutic tool.

Mudra – why and what is it?

Mantra – why and what is it?

Meditation – why and what is it?

Sadhana – your own daily yogic exercise

Talking therapy

End of term exam


Content term 2:

The 10 bodies – a complementary energy system

Ayurveda – yoga’s sister system

Yogic philosophy


Individual training

Organising your own individual sessions

End of term exam


Content term 3:

Working as a yoga therapist

Working as a yoga teacher

Ethical rules

Yoga as an integral part of health and healthcare and company healthcare


Final examination