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(March 19, 1992)
Summary: Acta Paedopsychiatr 1992;55(2):115-20 Department of Psychiatry, University of Miami, School of Medicine, FL 33101. The immediate effects of relaxation therapy (RT) were assessed in 40 hospitalized children and adolescents with diagnoses of adjustment disorder and depression. These effects were assessed using a within subjects pre-test/post-test design and by comparison with a control group of 20 […]
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(July 19, 1991)
Summary: Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1991 Jul;35(3):191-4 Department of Physiology, Goa Medical College, Bambolim. The work is aimed to compare the relative strength of dextroamphetamine and yogic meditation on the performance of 3 different groups of medical students to concentrate on the task to balance on a balance board. Group A subjects were mediators, group B […]
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(October 19, 1989)
Summary: J Ment Defic Res 1989 Oct;33 ( Pt 5):415-21 Vivekanandra Kendra Yoga Research Foundation, Bangalore, India. Ninety children with mental retardation of mild, moderate and severe degree were selected from four special schools in Bangalore, India. Forty-five children underwent yogic training for one academic year (5 h in every week) with an integrated set of […]
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(March 19, 1988)
Summary: Bull Narc 1988;40(1):43-9 Nav-Chetna Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center, Varanasi, India. The Nav-Chetna Drug De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center, Varanasi, India, was established in December 1985. It provides out-patient and residential rehabilitation services, medical treatment, counseling, educational and vocational guidance, yoga therapy and after care. Drug-dependent persons under rehabilitation treatment at the Center are encouraged and […]
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(August 19, 1985)
Summary: Percept Mot Skills 1985 Aug;61(1):279-84 The effect of life-change events on perceptual augmentation-reduction was studied in 72 subjects (40 men, 32 women). In three experiments the kinesthetic figural aftereffect was measured prior to and after either a physical fitness program, a course in yoga, or training in Transcendental Meditation. Each program lasted a minimum of […]
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(March 19, 1979)
Summary: Psychother Psychosom 1979;31(1-4):373-81 Yoga as therapy with psychosomatic disorders has been practiced for many centuries in India, and only recently has become utilized for this purpose in other countries. The yoga system evolved as a ‘system of liberation’ to allow man to discriminate between his ego-self and pure consciousness, and as such, its medical benefits […]
Categories: Psyche / Feelings