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(May 19, 1994)
Summary: Cas Lek Cesk 1994 May 16;133(10):295-7 Psychiatricka lecebna v Praze 8, Narodni centrum podpory zdravi, Praha. The author gives an account of his experience with the application of yoga in prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug related problems, in psychosomatic medicine, sexuology, treatment of neuroses, in gerontopsychiatry etc. The problem when using yoga in […]
Categories: Stress
(March 19, 1993)
Summary: Int J Psychosom 1993;40(1-4):105-7 National Center for Health Promotion, Psychiatric Hospital, Prague. The author describes his experience with the use of yoga in the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug related problems, in psychosomatics, neuroses, geriatric psychiatry, and in some other areas. He deals with problems of the use of yoga in psychiatry like […]
Categories: Stress
(March 19, 1991)
Summary: J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry 1991 Mar;22(1):37-8 Pepperdine University. Eye movements and certain visual mechanisms appear to be related to states of relaxation and levels of wakefulness. The hatha yoga tradition in its historical and contemporary forms uses certain eye ‘exercises’ or postures to induce relaxation and reduce arousal. Visual correlates of the alpha state […]
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(October 19, 1990)
Summary: Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1990 Oct;34(4):279-81 Department of Physiology, Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Santa Cruz. The present work is aimed to quantify the degree of relaxation of muscle under the effects of Kundalini Yoga with the help of EMG integrator. The data collected from 8 individuals (4 males 4 females) on the degree of muscle […]
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(August 19, 1990)
Summary: Cas Lek Cesk 1990 Aug 3;129(31):961-4 Psychiatricka lecebna Praha. The paper summarizes some non-specific stress factors of work in the health services (e.g. shift work) and some relatively specific stressing factors (e.g. contact with grief, intense negative emotion and death). It deals also with the consequences of excessive stress, incl. the “burnout syndrome”. It gives […]
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(June 19, 1975)
Summary: Clin Sci Mol Med Suppl 1975 Jun;2:171s-174s 1. Psychophysical relaxation exercises based on yogic principles and reinforced by biofeedback instruments were used for behaviour modification in sixteen hypertensive subjects. 2. Preliminary studies indicated that their pressor response to emotional and physical stimuli became less exaggerated and less protracted compared with controls.
Categories: Stress