Within health and healthcare

We train many MediYoga Instructors who work in the healthcare sector such as nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, counsellors etc. MediYoga is a powerful self-help method where you can learn how to actively improve your own health. Our instructors can teach you simple yoga exercises and meditation techniques.


Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm was the first hospital in Scandinavia to introduce MediYoga for its heart patients in 2010. Since then, a growing number of hospitals, clinics and other health authority care centres have trained their personnel and offer MediYoga to various patient groups. We have more than 130 care units that offer Mediyoga in Sweden and Norway.

In the workplace

The MediYoga Institute has been developing MediYoga since 1997 and has created a number of simple, but very powerful therapeutic programmes that have been tested in various Swedish research projects on yoga, under the direction of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm University and Danderyd Hospital.


These programmes are now used by many large Swedish employers, such as AstraZeneca, as part of back to work rehabilitation programmes.


Interest in yoga is growing in society, and research into yoga is increasingly broadening in scope. The MediYoga Institute is involved in much of what is happening in this area. MediYoga founder Göran Boll has lectured on yoga and its effects for many years at hundreds of large Swedish employers, at conferences, training courses, hospitals and on behalf of various patient and stakeholder associations etc. He usually starts his lectures by inviting everyone to sample MediYoga to gain a sense of what it is all about.


Would you like to attend a lecture? Is there an instructor near you? Otherwise, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you.


In MediYoga, we work with gentle movements, concentration, breathing etc. Relaxation and meditation are always integral parts of our yoga programmes.


As MediYoga always starts from the needs and capabilities of the user, everyone can do yoga. No matter how stiff, tired, overweight, old or ill you may be, there is always some aspect of the yoga programme you can join in with.


Yoga works in harmony with your energy system where an energy imbalance can manifest itself in symptoms of illness and ill health. Symptoms that can be influenced and alleviated with yoga.


Yoga is, with its holistic approach, a deep acting method to regain health on all levels. IMY has developed a number of rehab programmes since 1997 for people with special needs and different ailments. These programmes have been tested in Swedish research projects under the direction of e.g. the Karolinska Institute and Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. Tens of thousands of employees at hundreds of large Swedish employers have used these programmes in Sweden. They include a migraine programme, yoga for Parkinson sufferers, MS yoga, yoga for the heart and various yoga for the back programmes.


To find a MediYoga instructor — Click here.


We will come to you. Your office, conference room or similar.


Yoga also works in large groups, as large as you like. The only restriction is the size of the premises.


We do yoga on chairs and in normal work clothes, as easy as pie.


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In schools

Yoga is increasingly popular as a PE choice in schools as it offers a non-competitive activity on a par with any competitive sports and similar activities you could name. Strength training can be done in many different ways.


What is unique about yoga is that it builds both inner and outer strength, endurance and flexibility, while boosting your sense of well being at the same time.


More and more teachers are incorporating yoga into daily classroom life, even at pre-schools.


Yoga improves concentration, releases tensions and develops inner qualities such as patience and insight.

MediYoga classes

If you are looking for a MediYoga class near where you live or work; at present we only have a handful of instructors outside Scandinavia. To date, our courses have been restricted to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Starting in October 2015 however, we will also be organising courses in Bakersfield, California and January 2016 in Nosara, Costa Rica. This means that during spring 2016, there will be a number of trained instructors in the USA and the rest of the world. If there is no Mediyoga instructor near you, you can do our most popular yoga programmes yourself at home guided by our CDs. The CDs are available in our online store.

If you are a group of people who want to do MediYoga, we can come to you. Please contact us for more information.

Yoga as therapy

MediYoga is, with its holistic view of individuals, a powerful and deep acting method to gain or regain health on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. The origins of MediYoga lie in the tantric tradition, probably the oldest system of yoga known to humans.


Today, there are over 1,500 trained MediYoga instructions in Sweden and Norway who know the basics of MediYoga and over 300 MediYoga therapists who can help you with yoga therapy sessions specially tailored to your needs.


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FAQs on MediYoga.

What is MediYoga?

MediYoga is a therapeutic form of yoga, created by Göran Boll, of Sweden. (Link to Göran) We have achieved remarkable success in linking age-old holistic tools with modern medicine. To provide training in the care sector, supporting evidence is required, proof that the training really works. In consultation with our trained instructors and yoga therapists, most with a healthcare background, we perform 2-3 research studies each year. Fascinating research that gives us the evidence in medical terms as to why MediYoga works so well.


How can I start practising MediYoga?

If there is no instructor near you, you can do our most popular yoga programmes yourself at home guided by our CDs. We are starting courses held in English from autumn 2014 in Amsterdam, San Francisco and Los Angeles. And a Danish course in Copenhagen.


This means that after December 2014, there will be a number of trained instructors in Europe and the USA.


How can I apply for a training course?

We organise MediYoga Instructor courses in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and the USA. Read more.


Once you have qualified as an instructor, you can progress to become a MediYoga therapist. Read more


We also have Open courses available to everyone, no previous experience necessary, if you would like to try MediYoga for one or more days. Read more.


What research is being done into MediYoga?

We are involved in 2-3 research projects a year in Sweden and Norway. We also publish international yoga research here on our website. Read more.


I am in poor health, can I practise MediYoga?

Everyone can practise MediYoga as it is adapted to the needs and capabilities of each individual. Even bed ridden patients can do MediYoga. All that is required is that you can breathe independently. Yoga at home? We have CDs in our store. Click here


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Can yoga be dangerous?

Yoga is a philosophy of life that includes such things as physical exercises, meditation and breathing. MediYoga is a gentle, slow form of yoga that is practised in an understanding way.


Is yoga religious?

Yoga is not religious but many religions include yoga. Read more


Where can I order MediYoga programmes on CD?

If there is no instructor near you, you can do our most popular yoga programmes yourself at home guided by our CDs. To online store: http://shop.mediyoga.com/