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New Swedish MediYoga study!

Yoga with light movements and deep breathing may lead to improved QoL, lower blood pressure and lower heart rate in patients with PAF compared to a control group.

International Day of Yoga 21st June!

Congratulations Finland

Medimar first in Finland with MediYoga for companies.

Research studies by Professor Irene Jensen at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have shown that MediYoga is the best medicine for back pain.

Swedish Doctors Prescribe Yoga

Four years ago, a Swedish hospital introduced yoga as part of a rehabilitation programme for heart patients. It was the first hospital in the country to offer medical yoga to its patients and since then nearly one hundred hospitals and healthcare centres have followed it lead.

News in Finland: Joogaa sydänsairaille ja unettomille

Oletko kuullut vastaavasta: jooga on osa sydäninfarktipotilaiden kuntoutusta Danderydin sairalassa Tukholmassa ja Uppsalan yliopistollisessa sairalassa on ollut MediYoga-osasto syöpäpotilaille tammikuusta lähtien?

Valley residents experience health benefits of MediYoga

Kern River Valley residents took advantage of a unique health opportunity last month by attending four separate Medi-Yoga workshops.

Yoga and Heart Health

Yoga could boost heart health!

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MediYoga as a viable alternative

Interview with Helen Miller Lynch about MediYoga As A Viable Alternative To Existing Medical Treatments & Programs