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Valley residents experience health benefits of MediYoga

Kern River Valley residents took advantage of a unique health opportunity last month by attending four separate Medi-Yoga workshops.

Yoga and Heart Health

Yoga could boost heart health!

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MediYoga as a viable alternative

Interview with Helen Miller Lynch about MediYoga As A Viable Alternative To Existing Medical Treatments & Programs

Swedish MediYoga study of hypertension

In 2011, Doctor Moa Wolff performed research into MediYoga as a medical treatment for patients diagnosed with high blood pressure at a primary care clinic in the south of Sweden.

Article about MediYoga in Yoga Therapy Today

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Yoga for Chronic pain – A systematic review

Yoga shown to have positive effects for patients with chronic pain in the low back with reduced pain intensity, increased physical function and psychological factors with the highest level of evidence according CMSG. Support under the second highest level of evidence was found to reduce pain intensity and physical function in chronic pain in the neck and in fibromyalgia, effects of psychological factors in fibromyalgia and improved quality of life in chronic pain in the neck.

New research

MediYoga can save society millions of dollars each year according to new research from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. A new back research study at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm that compares MediYoga with physiotherapy and treatment by back specialists, shows that yoga is the most cost effective treatment for back pain. According to KI, […]

Our lecture tour in USA

This November we are organising a lecture tour of the USA.

If you would like to hear a lecture and enjoy a yoga experience, for your colleagues and you, please contact Helen directly by email.