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MediYoga introduced to the Czech Republic

This August/September, physician and MediYoga therapist Ivana Hollan held the first of four introductions to MediYoga in the Czech Republic. 41 people squeezed into the 30 allotted spaces and enjoyed a yoga tasting session.

MediYoga in Finnish, Sisu Radio

Ahead of Göran Boll’s lectures in Haparanda and Luleå in the far north of Sweden close to the Finnish border, MediYoga therapist Riitta Mantovaara was interviewed by Finnish language Sisu Radio on 20 August.

MediYoga introduction in Denmark

On Saturday 17 August, Göran Boll was invited to lecture in the Danish city of Middelfart, by the Danish Yoga Association Over an entire day, 65 Danish Yoga members sampled MediYoga. In addition to practical exercises in this form of yoga, the members learned about the research into MediYoga that has been performed since1998, the development of MediYoga in Swedish hospitals and clinics, our various training courses for healthcare personnel along with information on international development.

Science Demonstrates Yoga’s Capacity to Heal the Mind

In an article in Huffpost dated15/2/2013, US psychotherapist Mariana Caplan, Ph.D. explained about the work being done in the USA to integrate modern Western psychology and Yoga.

Yoga and Meditation can save US society trillions of dollars each year, says FORBES

According to an article in Forbes Magazine of 24 July 2013, a constantly growing body of scientific research is showing how yoga, meditation and mindfulness are helping different groups including children and young people in a way that can save enormous sums for American society each year.

Yoga in prison – good for the inmates, according to a new English study

According to researchers at Oxford University, after ten weeks of yoga, the prisoners experienced less stress and felt better mentally and their moods improved.

Practising yoga leads to improved sleep and an increased sense of well being for women with cancer

A recent American study at the University of Rochester Medical Center showed clear and significant benefits for sleep and quality of life for participants who received hormone therapy as part of their rehabilitation after Cancer, and were also able to reduce their use of sleeping medication thanks to yoga.

Göran Boll´s lecture in Boston, USA

Video from the lecture in Boston.