A study of response pattern of non-insulin dependent diabetics to yoga therapy. Jain SC, Uppal A, Bhatnagar SO, Talukdar B.

Diabetes Res Clin Pract 1993 Jan;19(1):69-74

Laboratory Division, Central Research Institute for Yoga, Delhi, India.

Changes in blood glucose and glucose tolerance by oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) after 40 days of yoga therapy in 149 non-insulin-dependent diabetics (NIDDM) were investigated. The response to yoga in these subjects was categorized according to a severity scale index (SSI) based on area index total (AIT) under OGTT curve. One hundred and four patients showed a fair to good response to the yoga therapy. There was a significant reduction in hyperglycemia and AIT with decrease in oral hypoglycemia and AIT with decrease in oral hypoglycemic drugs required for maintenance of normoglycemia. It is concluded that yoga, a simple and economical therapy, may be considered a beneficial adjuvant for NIDDM patients.

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