Aerobic capacity & perceived exertion after practice of Hatha yogic exercises. Ray US, Sinha B, Tomer OS, Pathak A, Dasgupta T, Selvamurthy W.

Indian J Med Res 2001 Dec;114:215-21

Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, Lucknow Road, Timarpur, Delhi 110054, India.

BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES: Reports on the effect of yogic exercises on aerobic capacity are few. There is also no literature available on the effect of yogic exercise on perceived exertion (PE) after maximal exercise. In this study the effect of training in Hatha yogic exercises on aerobic capacity and PE after maximal exercise was observed. METHODS: Forty men from the Indian army (aged 19-23 yr) were administered maximal exercise on a bicycle ergometer in a graded work load protocol. The oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide output, pulmonary ventilation, respiratory rate, heart rate (HR) etc., at maximal exercise and PE score immediately thereafter were recorded. The subjects were divided into two equal groups. Twelve subjects dropped out during the course of study. One group (yoga, n = 17) practiced Hatha yogic exercises for 1 h every morning (6 days in a week) for six months. The other group (PT, n = 11) underwent conventional physical exercise training during the same period. Both groups participated daily in different games for 1 h in the afternoon. In the 7th month, tests for maximal oxygen consumption (VO2Max) and PE were repeated on both groups of subjects. RESULTS: Absolute value of VO2Max increased significantly (P < 0.05) in the yoga group after 6 months of training. The PE score after maximal exercise decreased significantly (P < 0.001) in the yoga group after 6 months but the PT group showed no change. INTERPRETATION & CONCLUSION: The practice of Hatha yogic exercises along with games helps to improve aerobic capacity like the practice of conventional exercises (PT) along with games. The yoga group performed better than the PT group in terms of lower PE after exhaustive exercise.

Categories: Breathing