Approaches in the treatment of pathologic gambling Article in Czech Nespor K.

Cesk Psychiatr 1994 Jun;90(3):149-57

In the treatment of pathological gambling the diagnosis, treatment of the accessory psychopathology and the somatic condition are important. Motivation training, behavioural and reality-oriented therapy, modification of the lifestyle relaxation techniques and yoga proved useful. There is also experience with dynamically oriented treatment techniques self-esteem reinforcement, training of social skills, strategies which promote impulse control, artetherapy, group therapy, provision of relevant information etc. Family therapy is important both for a pathological gambler and his/her relatives. Very important is contact with the family of the pathological gambler for his own treatment and with regard to the needs of his/her relatives. A therapeutic approach common abroad is participation in a self-help group, Gamblers Anonymous.

Categories: Psyche / Feelings