Asana-Based Exercises for the Management of Low-Back Pain T.V. Ananthanarayanan & T.M. Srinivasan

The Journal of The International Association of Yoga Therapists

Low-back pain (LBP) is an endemic disorder afflicting a large percentage of the population. The etiological factors of LBP include psychosomatic factors, postural defects, occupational predispositions and sedentary lifestyles. The present study evaluates a number of simple asanas which may be used as rehabilitative techniques on the basis of biomechanical principles. This study also suggests a set of asanas which work on the back with increasing intensity. A series of tests are presented for assessing the physiological debility of a patient. The assessment results form the basis for the selection of asanas to be prescribed to the patient. A chart is provided to enable the yoga therapist to increase the intensity of asanas so that the muscles of the low-back may be strengthened systematically and progressively. The results of clinical trials on 16 patients using the method of asana selection and rehabilitation indicates the usefulness of this method for the management of LBP. Regular practitioners of these exercises improve while indifferent or improper practice has no rehabilitative value.

Categories: Back