Effect of Yogic Practices in non-specific low back pain J.V.S. Vidyasagar, B.N. Prasad, M. Venkat Reddy, P.S. Raju, Madhavi, Jai Shankar and Kalyani Sampath.

Clin Proc NIMS 4:4 160-164: 1989

Non-specific low back pain is a common orthopedic problem which defies relief with available modes of treatment. The present study aims at analysis of 33 cases of non-specific low back pain treated by Yoga therapy. A majority of cases (75,8%) showed good response. Those with low back pain alone showed early and better response compared to those who had sciatic radiation. Yoga therapy being a holistic approach helps to strengthen the spinal musculature with relaxation of rest of the body and min, resulting in better quality of pain relief.

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