Elements of yoga therapy in the combined rehabilitation of myocardial infarct patients in the functional recovery period Article in Russian Bulavin VV, Kliuzhev VM, Kliachkin LM, Lakshmankumar, Zuikhin ND, Vlasova TN.

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult 1993 Jul-Aug;(4):7-9

Fifty-nine postmyocardial infarction patients received combined therapy involving chemotherapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises and yoga therapy. Thirty-seven controls received the same treatment without yoga exercise. The yoga complex implied elementary simple positions, relaxation exercise and respiratory exercise. A clinical response evident in both the groups appeared more pronounced in the test group as shown by marked improvement in external respiration and blood counts, in exercise tolerance and psychosomatic condition of the patients.

Categories: Heart