Energy expenditure and ventilatory responses during Siddhasana–a yogic seated posture. Rai L, Ram K, Kant U, Madan SK, Sharma SK.

Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1994 Jan;38(1):29-33

Central Research Institute for Yoga, New Delhi.

Reports of energy expenditure and ventilatory responses to yogic seated posture of Siddhasana are lacking in literature. Various cardio-ventilatory responses were studied in states of the horizontal supine, chair-sitting and Siddhasana. It was observed that sitting in Siddhasana posture was characterised by greater minute ventilation, larger tidal volume, higher oxygen consumption, greater CO2 elimination, higher heart frequency greater oxygen pulse and lesser as compared with other two postures. These observations suggest that Siddhasana is a mild type of exercise and may have its application in conditions of low cardio-respiratory reserves especially in individuals in whom heavy exercises are contra-indicated.

Categories: Heart