Stress and Burn Out, feedback


“I could probably write an entire thesis on this fantastic weekend.
This course has been absolutely invaluable. I cannot understand why it isn’t more popular. The tools we acquired are amazingly simple to use and work really well. Everyone would benefit from learning more about what happens to our bodies when we are under stress, eat badly etc. I now walk around with a great big smile on my face. My colleagues have reacted so positively to all the things I have explained about and wonder if I have come up with some kind of miracle cure. Am surrounded by a number of psychologists who are perhaps pretty sceptical of things like yoga. I have even been able to keep my energy levels up when necessary. My husband is still in a state of shock from seeing his wife bounce out of bed in the morning to do some yoga and that I have finally started eating breakfast again. Something I always had done before, but which I have virtually stopped eating altogether due to the stress I was putting myself under. Being able to dump some baggage via meditation is an absolutely fantastic feeling, words cannot describe it. Good materials, I really liked the way in which everything related to stress and its effects were explained in a more scientific way. The right mix of theory and practice. Easy to absorb the different parts. Of being able to both laugh and cry and I now understand that I really can change my life. I really recognise myself in that feeling of “if only someone could help me, I would feel much better”. It feels great to actually be able to cast off the “victim role” and have a strong feeling of now, damn it, I am going to prove to myself what I can do (yes, there is all that sense of being a performance nerd, but in this case, this is a positive). It has given me a taste for actually starting to take responsibility for my life again and this time, in the right order, me first, then other things around me. Quite simply, it is fantastic to be able to recharge your batteries and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.
Thank you for everything.”





“Can only summarise the weekend as absolutely FANTASTIC on every level.
I gained the tools to feel well and several seeds that are going to grow into strong and sturdy plants. I would just like to say thank you once again and to my dear friend who told me about this course and “nagged” me into signing up.
The course materials are something I will read again and again, they very good.
THANK YOU for everything. Will be advising several of my friends to take the course.”





“The course was brilliant! Good, relevant and important themes, I think most people I know, in both my private and professional life, would benefit from taking this course.
I gained some genuine insights into what is actually important in life. The teacher was full of useful tips and advice on how to handle everyday life with all the stress that entails for most people. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity to take part in this course.”





“The course theme was good, in both a preventative and healing sense. The course materials were fantastic! Everything was explained in a very good and educational way and as we were relaxed, we were able to absorb all the information. On the Monday after the course, I wanted to go back. Wanted to stay there (in myself). A quite incredible journey. I have experiences from several other stress management programmes but this weekend beats them all.”





“The course was excellent. The course was totally relevant. Many people need this kind of knowledge and the teacher did what it says on the tin. The documentation is very good. I like the compendium in particular as it makes everything much more sustainable. Plus, I appreciated how the teacher brings everything down to an everyday level. It gets straight to the issues, often with a smile, with no unnecessary flannel.”





“The course felt very rewarding for me personally. With hindsight, I can see I went there without any preconceived notions. I have been suffering from burn out and seeking help a bit here, there and everywhere. Just before going on the course, I felt more and more panic stricken about being able to think calmly, which is what this course has enabled me to do now. I am really happy, at long last. I have not felt so “grounded” for a long time, cannot even remember when. I now do the yoga programme and would really like to go on to become in instructor. The course materials are good in every way possible, scope, contents and so on and there is no flannel in there, something I was a bit afraid of. The teacher introduced us to yoga in a very good way, for me who is not, or ever was a yogi. I felt as though finally I have found something that will help me. At the end of the course I felt enormously happy. Was already feeling calmer and much more focused.”





“Thank you for an incredibly wonderful weekend. After completing the “Stress and Burn Out” weekend, I have managed to calm myself down and feel relaxed. It is a wonderful feeling and something I have missed for a long time. I thought the course and the theme were both brilliant. Fitted me like a glove. Could not have been any better for me personally. I have been using the course materials every day since. Read a little bit every day…. I think things stick better then. The scope and the content were both very good. I really like the mix they contain. This is a brilliant course. If I feel I am starting to get wound up, I think about what the teacher said ‘Look after yourself, because if you don’t, who will?’. Thanks again.”





“Thank you for a sound and basic course packed with new light bulb experiences in simple exercises. Focusing on breathing and putting the emphasis on this is very enlightening and compassionate. Good course. Very good course materials and structure. A big hug for the teacher. Thank you.”





“I am very satisfied with the “Stress and Burn out” course. ABOVE expectations! I was so pleased that someone has thought of yoga for burn out – I did not know it existed. Now I am so pleased I have taken this course, it has given me a great deal both personally and professionally. I think this is the area I want to go for, stress is a major and serious problem today for a great many people.

The course as such: Incredibly good. Brilliant structure, good mix of theory and practice. The course materials: Fantastically generous to get such solid stuff that you can use straight away. The teacher was good on every level and a big source of inspiration to me.”





“The course for burn out was very good and rewarding to both see and hear, and doing yoga for burn out has given me plenty to think about, mind, body and soul. I think I would like to progress to become an instructor. The materials we were given were comprehensive and good. The course leader was present and she knew what she was talking about and you could see this was coming from the heart.”





“It was a very uplifting weekend.

The theme of the course suited me perfectly. I was burnt out and want to use yoga when I work with stress management.
The course materials were absolutely complete, perfect.

I feel I have gained a far deeper understanding of yoga and learnt exercises that suit me perfectly at the stage of development I am at right now.

I have started to address things here at home that I have felt bad about and I have been out in town without getting panic attacks. I have got my feet back on the ground again. Thank you.”





“A GREAT BIG thank you for a quite fantastic weekend course with a fantastic compendium, for such an enthusiastic and generous teacher. I feel genuinely reinvigorated and have gained new tools to communicate to my yogics.”