Try MediYoga for the heart

1. Long, deep breaths


Sit comfortably with support for your back, or lie stretched out on your back. Put one hand on your stomach and your other hand at the top of your chest. Close your eyes and take long, deep breaths in and out through your nose. When you breathe in, push your tummy and chest out. Tummy first, then chest. When your lungs are fully inflated, gently let go and breathe out through again your nose. When you breathe out, relax your chest and stomach back in again. When you have expelled all the air in your lungs, wait a few seconds before breathing in again. Let your body decide, without creating discomfort, when it is time to take a new deep breath in again. When you can clearly feel your stomach and chest moving in harmony with your breathing, place your hands on your knees or arms down by your side and let them rest there during the exercise.
Think SAT (saaat) when breathing in and NAM (naaaamm) when breathing out. This simple mantra means “I am true”. Sit or lie like this for 11 minutes. Find a routine that enables you to do this several times every day, e.g. before breakfast, lunch and dinner.



2. Breathing through your left nostril


Breathe in as above with your stomach and chest, but this time close your right nostril with your thumb or index finger and take long deep breaths in and out through your left nostril. 11 minutes, two-three times a day.


Think SAT on breathing in and NAM on breathing out. This is a good breathing technique to try if you have high blood pressure.







3. Spinal flex


Sit with your back straight, towards the front of the chair so you are away from any back support. Hold your hands steady on your knees. Start by pressing forward the curve of your back and pushing your chest up towards the ceiling, without letting your head fall backwards. Try to lift your behind slightly out of the chair. Then relax your chest downward and pull it back in on itself, so your chest hunches back and your spine is banana shaped – without letting your chin drop to your chest. Gently flex forwards and back like this for 3-5 minutes. Breathe in as you flex forwards, breathe out as you flex backwards. Calm movements in both directions as best as you can. This should not cause any pain in your back. Think SAT NAM in tune with your breathing and movements.











4. Meditation for the heart


11 minutes.

Sit comfortably with your back straight. Sit in a way that enables you to be fully relaxed. Place the palm of your left hand in the middle of your chest, at heart height. Put your right hand on top of your left hand. Close your eyes and sit like this, ideally with some soothing and tranquil instrumental music in the background, holding your heart in your hands. Think to yourself that you are allowing yourself to feel good in your heart, to become whole again. Allow out all the feelings that come to you and keep coming back to the thought that you are allowing yourself to become whole again. Sit like this for at least 11 minutes.